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The Right Musical is a free service, and it does two things.  It assists you to find the right musical for your needs.  It also offers theater artists creative and cost-effective ways to do each show.

Want to find the right musical to do? Use our simple, private questionnaire.  A list of shows just right for you will appear!  Each title will be a link to our description of that show.  Read about shows, make a great decision.  

Already picked a show?  Then explore a chosen musical without a questionnaire.  We cover details a producer needs, to know how difficult and costly a production will be.  But we also include extensive creative suggestions to all musical theater artists, new ways to do old shows.

There are thousands of musicals, they’re not all worthy of production. But there are many fine musical outside of the few famed works everyone knows and does.  You’ll find many such shows here.

You may not see your “favorite” musical. We’re starting with about 100. But we will add more musicals each month.  Sign up for our newsletter to get updates!  (Just fill out the brief form to the right.)